Pickleball can be played on court 18.  Please call the front desk to reserve a court. 

Who and How?

  • Members and their guests.  Waitlisted members may also use the pickleball courts, for the same fees as for tennis.
  • Guests must pay the current guest fee.  The number of guests cannot exceed the number of members playing on a court, unless the court is a walk-on court.  No guests for Sunday Open Play.
  • Players sign up on Gametime and check in at front desk.
  • Each member may have one active pickleball reservation at a time and be named on one reserved pickleball court per day.
  • Pickleball reservations or court namings are in addition to allowable tennis reservations and court namings. A member may have one active reservation for each sport, and be named on one court of each sport per day.
  • Club-owned pickleball nets are available on Court 18 and must be positioned and stowed by the pickleball players within their timeslot.
  • Players may bring their own paddles and balls.
  • A limited number of paddles and balls are provided in the storage bin outside Court 18. These are first come, first serve, and should be stowed in the box at the end of each session.
  • Players should report any issues with courts or club equipment to the front desk.
  • Connect with other players by joining the Central Park Pickleball WhatsApp group.  Email [email protected] to join.


When and Where?

  • Pickleball may be played on Court 18 only. Sunday Open Play hours are 2:30 – 5:30 PM. Court 18 may be reserved for either tennis or pickleball during all other times, on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Pickleball courts may be reserved as a walk-on court starting the night before at 8pm.  Walk-on pickleball courts will not be counted as a separate reservation.

By default, all pickleball courts and times will be blocked as unavailable on the Gametime Pickleball tab. If a player wants to reserve Ct 18A-D for pickleball, the player should first check the Pickleball tab for that day and time to determine if it has already been opened for pickleball.  If it has, they can reserve their own pickleball court in Gametime.  If it hasn’t, the member should call the Front Desk. Staff will mark Ct 18 unavailable for tennis on the Gametime Tennis tab, will sign up the caller for one of the pickleball courts, and mark the remaining pickleball courts as available for self-reservation on that day and time.





Sign Up

Open: Round-robin play with all other attendees


2:30 – 5:30 PM

Add your name to “Sunday Open Pickleball” activity under Gametime “Classes & Events” tab.

Reserved: Organize your own group of 2-6 players.

Any, except Sun at 2:30-5:30PM

Any, except Sun at 2:30-5:30PM

Use Gametime to reserve a slot, just as you would for tennis.  If Court 18 is not already reserved for tennis, call the front desk to have them “open” Court 18 for pickleball at your desired timeslot.