Guest Policies

Guests are welcome at Central Park when accompanied by a member. Members are required to register their guests upon entering the Club. Guests must comply with Central Park Tennis Club rules and policies.

TENNIS GUESTS: Members must register their guests at the Desk upon arrival.  An individual may play as a guest a maximum of six times per year, regardless of whether the game is played on a reserved court or a walk-on court. A person is considered a guest once they move on to the court and is actively involved in the play either by feeding balls or directing play or drills, with or without a racquet, then that person is deemed a guest and is required to pay fees and subject to visit limitations. Exceptions to this rule are made for membership categories allowing additional guest privileges. Policy waivers may be granted by the Club Manager.  In general, these waivers will be for visiting house guests, visiting relatives and business associates.  More unusual requests may need to be approved by the Tennis Committee at the discretion of the Club Manager. 

SOCIAL/FITNESS GUESTS: Members must register their guests at the Desk upon arrival.

POOL GUESTS: All guests must be accompanied by a member and must be registered at the Desk before entering the pool area.

GUEST FEES: Fees for tennis, social/fitness and swim guests will be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.

PHONE: All long distance calls must be placed through the Desk. Calls made from phones available to the general membership should be kept to the minimum time possible.

POSTING PROCEDURES: Posting requires prior approval of the Management and must be in accordance with guidelines established by the Facilities Committee.

CONDUCT OF JUNIORS: Members are responsible for any damage done by their children or guests. Children under eight must be attended by an adult. Parents are requested to assure that their children’s behavior in the Clubhouse, particularly in the main Lounge, does not interfere with the enjoyment of the Club facilities by adult members. The Club reserves the right to deny use of the Club facilities to juniors failing to observe Club policy.

COMMENTS REGARDING EMPLOYEES: Members shall not reprimand an employee of the Club. Comments as to an employee’s conduct shall be made to the Club Manager.

LOSS OR DAMAGE TO CLUB OR MEMBERS' PROPERTY: A member shall be liable for any loss or damage to property caused by any member of his/her family or their guests. The Club is not liable for loss or damage to the property of any member, his/her family or their guests.

PARKING: Members and guests may park in designated areas only. Parking at the entry area of the Club is prohibited.

SMOKING: The interior and exterior grounds of the Club are smoke-free environments.